most fights normally begin when a bully grabs your wrist and pushes you to show you his power . people think they should also use power to scape from a wrist grab , but the secret of scaping from it is just few simple techniques that anyone with any physical potential can use .

we are here to show you all these easy techniques in three videos , so make sure you watch all these videos and practice well in order to learn it well.

this course is a complete tutorial for beginners . here we are about to teach you everything in self defense step by step an we will help you to learn how to fight , how to defend yourself in dangerous situations , and how win a fight. so if you are new and don’t have a clue in martial arts and had bad experiences in fights make sure you see all videos in this playlist and practice it well to turn from a beginner to a pro fighter.

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00:00 intro
00:08 the attack
00:18 how to defend
00:53 simulation
01:11 further tips
01:48 deep learning