A young drug lord’s plan to overthrow an underworld kingpin sparks a bloody gang war, complicating the mission of an infiltrated special agent.

1988 Hong Kong action film, showcasing intense gangland war and drug trafficking themes. Directed by Godfrey Ho under the pseudonym Charles Lee, the film is known for its gritty action sequences and a mix of vehicular and fight action.

In the violent underbelly of the criminal world, a power struggle erupts when West, an ambitious drug lord, plots against Chang, the reigning kingpin. The situation escalates as a special agent, deep undercover within West’s organization, finds himself embroiled in the ensuing chaos.

Allison Lundgren’s casting as a female lead was a notable deviation from the typical male-dominated roles in IFD action films. Godfrey Ho was a Hong Kong filmmaker known for his prolific output in the martial arts and action genres, particularly during the 1980s and 1990s. He gained notoriety for his unconventional filmmaking style, often incorporating footage from various sources to create new films. Some of his major films include “Ninja Terminator” (1985), “Ninja: American Warrior” (1987), and “Undefeatable” (1993). Godfrey Ho has achieved a cult following among fans of B-movies and unconventional cinema.

Director: Godfrey Ho
Stars: Jonathan Isgar, Wayne Archer, Allison Lundgren, Owens Douglas

Alternative Titles:
Brazil: Guerreiros da América 2

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