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Are you fascinated by extraterrestrial life? Do you enjoy watching alien invasions or deadly epidemics? Or do you prefer movies about futuristic warriors in iron armor?
No matter what sub-genre of science fiction you like, you will find something to suit your taste in today’s video.
Welcome, movie buffs! You are watching the ShadowTavern channel! And Today I have a list of 9 awesome sci-fi movies to watch!


00:00 Intro
00:22 Alita: Battle Angel (2019) 20th Century Studios | IMDb: 7.3
01:17 Black Box (2020) Amazon Studios | IMDb: 6.2
01:59 The Tomorrow War (2021) Amazon Studios | IMDb: 6.6
02:51 Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes (2020) Third Window Films | IMDb: 7.3
03:47 No One Will Save You (2023) 20th Century Studios | IMDb: 6.3
04:37 Dual (2022) XYZ Films | IMDb: 5.8
05:13 Captive State (2019) Focus Features | IMDb: 6.0
06:17 Brightburn (2019) Sony Pictures | IMDb: 6.1
07:07 Deranged (2012) CJ E&M | IMDb: 6.3
08:05 Ending


Top 9 Best SCI FI Movies to Watch In 2023 | Best Sci-Fi Movies You Can’t Miss
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