TOP 10 Best SHOTGUN For Home defense For 2024 REVIEW

Number 10. Mossberg 500 Series ($700)
If you want one of the longest-serving combat and police shotguns, the Mossberg 500 is for you. One of the “Big 2” in the pump shotgun world…the Mossberg 500 is one of our favorites. The big difference from the Remington 870 (the “other” popular pump shotgun) is that its safety is on top of the receiver and accessible with your thumb. And since it’s so popular…it has one of the largest pools of potential upgrades.
But…Need something that’s built upon the 500 receiver, but more hardened for combat and tactical use? Enter the Mossberg 590A1. Mossberg has built a wide variety of different configurations for the 590A1. This includes Ghost ring sights, or night sights, fixed or collapsible stocks, and capacities of up to nine rounds. Regardless of the features you choose, you are getting one of the best pump action combat shotguns ever designed. Built for the dangers involved in military life, the Mossberg 590A1 is a solid combat shotgun. From the finish to the thick-walled barrel the 590A1 is a tank.

Number 9. Remington 870 ($500)
Something can always be said about a classic hardwood stock and pump. Combined with the classic Remington 870 platform and you get a design that has lasted the test of time. The Remington 870 gives you 6+1 capacity and an 18.5-inch barrel for maneuverability inside close quarters. You get a front rifle sight, so we would certainly suggest adding a nice adjustable rear sight.
The 870 design is so well known and so popular that there are tons of different accessories for it available. This includes numerous different designs of sight saddles, lighting options, and even scope mounts for a red dot. You can swap the barrel with any other 870 barrel without modification as well. Top it off with a solid sling and you end up with a perfect home defense pump-action shotgun.

Number 8. Benelli M4 ($1,900)
You could put any Benelli on this list, to be honest, but the M4 might be the king of combat shotguns. When the U.S. Marine Corps needed a semi-auto shotgun, they went to Benelli. And Benelli designed their first gas gun, the M4.
The internal auto regulating gas-operated system, or ARGO, provides an extremely reliable short-stroke piston system using dual pistons to ensure reliability. This shotgun beats out Benelli’s inertia guns if you want to strap on optics, lights, and such. Inertia guns are picky when it comes to weight, and when you add weight, you can affect the gun’s reliability. Gas guns don’t care! Load ’em down and have at it. The Benelli M4, in particular, seems to love just about every load put through it. From reduced recoil tactical loads to even light buckshot loads. The only ammo it’s said to ever had a cough on were ultra-light skeet loads loaded for 950 feet-per-second. Not to mention, the M4 also allows for a good degree of customization. It’s a shotgun with a cult following and decent little aftermarket. It’s soft to shoot and boringly reliable.

Number 7. Hatsan Escort Aimguard ($400)
If you are looking for something that is incredibly affordable, and extremely durable the Hatsan Escort series of shotguns may be for you. The Escort Aimguard has a 7+1 capacity and comes with a 20-inch barrel or 5 + 1 with an 18-inch barrel. One thing that is important to remember is the low price is not because the shotgun is poorly made. In fact, the Escort even has a chrome-lined barrel and all-metal components.
The pump is actually quite unique and placed more rearward than most shotguns. This makes it much easier to use for people with shorter arms. The pump actually passes the receiver when used.

Number 6. Mossberg Maverick 88 ($400)
How about another budget choice…that’s essentially a clone of the Mossberg 500? The Maverick 88 is made by Mossberg and the primary difference is that its safety is not on top…but is in front of the trigger. This cuts down the price drastically and the 88 can be had for under $400 if you look around.
But because it’s essentially a 500, it fits (almost) all the upgrades. For us, we put on a nice recoil-reducing and folding Fab defense buttstock and a side-saddle.

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