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0:00 Top 5 Home defense Shotguns
1:22 Why no AR-12s?
2:04 #5 IWI Tavor TS12 15rd Semi-Auto Bullpup Rotary Shotgun
3:52 #4 Benelli M2 5rd Semi-Auto Inertia Shotgun
5:18 #3 Remington 870/Mossberg 590 Pump Shotgun
7:55 #2 Panzer M4 5rd Semi-Auto Piston Shotgun
10:16 #1 Beretta 1301 5rd Semi-Auto Piston Shotgun
12:56 Shotgun Best for Home defense?
13:10 Win the Modern DS Arms SA58 FAL!
14:55 20k Likes to Next Barrett Giveaway

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Intro Song: “Issa Trap” by Mikey Geiger