Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, discusses a new legal test, one that actually was created out of thin air, which perverts the Common Use Test, clearly articulated in Heller. Today we discuss the new “In Common Use for Self-defense Test” whereby judges can then subjectively determine the usefulness of a particular firearm, from the bench, and then uphold outright bans of such items. This new and very dangerous test will be repeated over and over throughout this country for the courts most interested in achieving civilian disarmament. So learn about this, and more importantly, how to combat this ridiculous rule with common sense, law and the Constitution. Arm yourself with education today.

Read O.F.F. v. Kotek. https://assets.nationbuilder.com/firearmspolicycoalition/pages/6657/attachments/original/1689377574/OFF_v_Kotek_252_Opinion.pdf?1689377574
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