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Self defense Solutions CT | Self defense Lessons and Training for Women Monroe CT

Self defense Solutions CT is a martial arts school that provides martial arts training, self defense lessons, and kickboxing classes to men, women, and teens in the surrounding Bridgeport, Monroe, and Trumbull area. We also work with local businesses and community organizers to help educate and train their members on personal safety and self protection strategies. We are available for demonstrations, safety/ self defense discussions, and off site events.

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Our classes combine training techniques and concepts from Jeet Kune Do (JKD) Concepts, Progressive Fighting Systems, Krav Maga, Filipino Martial Arts/ Kali, Grappling/ Ground Ground Combatives, and more.

Some of techniques and concept we use may not look pretty…but they are highly effective!

If you want proven solutions to help with your self-defense problem or needs and you want those solutions now….we can help!

* Contact us to learn more about our programs and services. New group classes & training session are forming all the time.

Contact us to schedule a “Free Self defense Class”!!!


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