Watch the first trailer for Wong Jing & Keung Kwok Man’s NEW KUNG FU CULT MASTER, PART 1, starring Donnie Yen and Louis Koo

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In Shaw Theatres 28 January 2022 (Fri) –

For decades, all forces in the martial world had been fighting for two legendary weapons, the Dragon Saber and the Heavenly Sword. Xie Xun, the “Golden Lion King” of the Ming Sect, had made countless enemies in seizing the Dragon Saber. His god-brother Cuishan (Louis Koo) was coerced by the Six Major Sects to expose Xie Xun’s location and ends up dying under Emei Sect Master No-mercy’s Heavenly Sword…

Also starring Donnie Yen as Wudang Zhang Sanfeng, Raymond Lam as Zhang Wuji and Janice Man as Princess Zhao Min.

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