We are investigating the Kawasaki P-1 maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare aircraft and whether you can compete with the P-8 Poseidon in the international market. #P1 #jmsdf #patrolaircraft

Due to some copyright issues, we had to remake our Kawasaki P-1 video.

We especially thank the Nigel Woolley (@NigelWoolleyaviation) and 山本一郎 (@ch-xv4jy) channels for allowing us to use its beautiful footage.


Why did the Japan Maritime Self-defense Force demand the development of an indigenous maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare aircraft?
What are the general characteristics of the P-1?
What variants of the aircraft does Japan plan to develop?
Does the P-1 have a chance against the P-8 in the international market?

00:00 Introduction
01:12 Historical background
02:16 Programme history
04:02 Specifications
05:03 Design
07:31 Armament
07:47 Variants
08:04 Analysis

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