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New Release!! Wireless In-Ear Hearing Protection For Shooting Sports With Bluetooth
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The 10mm round was first created as a people stopper before becoming one of the preferred rounds to protect yourself against Smokey the Bear’s cousins.

But the FN 510 Tactical isn’t just a bear gun.

My previous go-to 10mm handgun was the Glock 20, but I wasn’t able to shoot well because it just felt like you were shooting a bus out of a 2×4.

The FN 510 Tactical is a sleek polymer-framed, striker-fired handgun chambered in 10mm with all the self-defense tactical acruchimas you could ever want.

In this video FN 510 Tactical review I go over what it looks like, the features it has, how it feels, how it shoots, whose it for, and my final thoughts.

However, as important as the finding the best 10mm handgun for self-defense is, I strongly recommend considering self-defense insurance. Protecting ourselves and our loved ones shouldn’t come at the cost of our financial security.

I think USCCA is the best, which is why I work with them, and they do offer my followers special FREE bonuses to become a member with a 365-day money-back guarantee.

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