I have made this informational video of indianSword shop where you can buy indian traditional weapons which are used for worship and decoration in home. .

In this Video We Discuss About Sword market Pushakr And Price Of Sword How Much Price In Indian City-gen You can Watch and see.
This is a video of shop of sword ( तलवार ) inou can buy indian traditional weapons .the man is selling swords , knives, khanda, with mayan ( sheath ) and telling the prices of swords and other arms & armour. nihang sword, khanda, Scabbard, dagger, lathi, folding gupti, katar, axe, shield, finger

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The khanda is a double-edge straight sword originating from the Indian subcontinent. It is often featured in religious iconography, theatre and art depicting the ancien
The talwar originated alongside other curved swords such as the Persian
No pilgrimage is said to be complete unless one takes a holy dip here. And if the ritual is performed on Kartik Purnima, it is thought to be equivalent to performing yagnas for several hundred years.
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