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So now I’m going to talk about how to use everyday objects as weapons.

In this case I’ going to talk about the newspaper. Okay? Before I show you how to use this, I’m going to show you the proper technique. You need to roll it as hard as you can. Okay? That’s going to give you a little more strength and you will want to grab this a little bit less than a fist. Okay? So calculate that a little bit less of a fist. Okay?

So, in this case you can use to hit it with this part or you can hit with this side. Okay? But, we’re going to focus only on this side. Okay? This is like a hammer fist in this direction. Okay? It’s like I was hammering this way. Okay? We can use it in this motion or we can use it in this motion. Okay? So, we can go for the face but we can also go for any other part of the body. Let’s put it in a real scenario, let’s say she’s going to punch me, I’m going to move it away, so as soon as I move it away, I go for her face, I’m going to go for the chin and I’m going to hit her. Okay? That’s the first scenario.

What happens if I want to hit any other part? Okay, she’s going to punch me, the same thing, boom, I can hit her to the side, I can even hit to the groin so she’s going to punch me, I’m going to redirect and I’m going to go for the groin. Okay? It’s very important to keep that in mind that this is going to be like a hammer fist otherwise you’re going to hit with a newspaper, you’re probably going to break it. So, keep in mind this is a hammer fist and do it a couple of times without the newspaper, for proper training.

So she’s going to do it a couple of times, very slowly in the beginning, calculate, the most important part is to calculate the proper position, using a fist, that’s perfect. So now, I’m going to punch, she’s going to redirect very slow, and she’s going to punch me, exactly, all the way through, Okay. I’m going to do it again, very slow, all the way through, very good.

So if I do it and she redirects and she has her hand in this position, she can also hit me this direction, exactly. So let’s say that I’m going to do that, boom, she’s going to have, exactly, and she’s going to go from open position to close position. Okay? So, very slowly, again, one boom, nice and unexpected.

So let’s say that she wants to go for another, she’s going to go for my side. Okay? So, I’m going to go, she’s going to hit me to the side, exactly. Okay? Again, boom, she redirects and she hits me on the side. Okay? So, and another way that she can use this is like, if she wants to attack my groin, she can do it directly.

So let’s say that she’s not prepared, she’s not covered at all, she’s just here, so I’m going to punch her very slowly, she can, Okay, go for the groin directly. Okay? So, I’m going to punch again and again she’s going to strike. One more time very slow, nice. Okay?

So in reality, it would be more like this, punch, Okay, again. Okay? And again, if I’m using this side, I can go directly but I’m going this side, I will have to cross my hand. Okay? Very slow, punch, one, two. Okay?

And those are just a couple of things in how can you use the newspaper as a weapon.