In this episode, the ladies continue on with the second part of their two-part series on how to stay out of prison. In part one, they looked at different pistol rounds, and how many walls they will penetrate if you miss your attacker. This time, they tackle the shotgun round to see which rounds over penetrate the walls. What happens if you are defending yourself in your home with your shotgun, and you miss your attacker and hit the wall instead? They look at the three rounds that performed the best in the clear ballistic gel tests: the 2 ¾ “ #4 buckshot, 2 ¾ “ OO Buckshot, and the 2 ¾ “ rifled slug. You do not want to miss this since they break out their testbed, remove the gel blocks, and blast through wall after wall to show you the results.

Thank you @ransominternational1905 for all your support!

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