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This guy walks up to my house and proceeds to enter my home. Bad timing for him as I was sitting inside holding my new Byrna launcher. I refuse to live amongst criminals any longer. Time to take back our cities. Package thieves, Mail thieves, Lawn Ornament thieves, BEWARE. I will fight back! While my home may be open to friends and family, Others may want to KNOCK!

Update: I have a Full arsenal of Lethal options. The Sheriff was called. The Noodled Intruder was spanked and released. It’s California, You cannot hold or pursue anyone that is not an immediate threat. I am not losing all my worldly possessions for a tweaked out street wandering fool. I removed the threat with my Non-Lethal option. It was in my HAND! The door was just unlocked for my cousin to enter for dinner who arrived 2 minutes after this. If you noticed the car, I just rolled the windows down in the car as we where headed to dinner. I was sitting inside watching this fool walk up to my door. I thought he was going to knock. It honestly shocked me that he opened the door which you can hear very clearly. Sheriff said Misdemeanor Entry is all he could take him in for. He did say, “you would have been within your rights to unload any weapon on him in this situation prior to leaving the house”. Once you start pursuing, it changes everything.

Intruder returns Video:
Sheriff’s Update Video:

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