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Often as a patrol cop, after someone was the victim of a burglary or an assault, they would ask what my suggestion was for good home defense weapons. Now that I work in a gun store, and with the huge influx of first time gun buyers, I am getting asked that question even more often.

Keith and I took some of the most common options to the range and ran them through a shoot house, and afterward we talked about our thoughts on each of main options; shotgun, handgun or rifle (including AR pistols). We came to the same conclusion as to what we believe to be the best option.

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00:00 – Start
00:20 – Intro
03:27 – Biden “You Need a Shotgun”
05:10 – Short Barrel Shotgun
14:46 – .45 Pistol
22:06 – AR-15 PWS MK111

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