Link to knife in video:

Man, I am excited about this one! This will be my new self-defense blade that I carry on my belt for now. With every component made in the USA, the CG Nightstalker by TKell Knives checks all the boxes when it comes to a proper self-defense blade.

The blade feels exceptionally comfortable and intuitive in forward grip and reverse grip. It’s compact enough to be carry concealed discreetly. This modified karambit is made out of workhorse of a steel, 80CRV2 (60 HRC with Dual Temper and Deep Cryogenics).

It has a canted shape, and a blade length swedge to make it a piercing machine! It’s super slicey and I actually knicked myself with it the first time playing with it 😅

There are a lot of thoughtful features into this design, like the glass breaker tip integrated into the finger ring, the lashing screws you can pull cordage through, and the texturing along the thumb grip and inside the finger indent.

I can tell there was a lot of thought put into the sheath and it’s retention specifically. The blade feels very secure and tight within the Kydex sheath, but is quick to deploy when needed. The profile of the sheath is slim and non-conspicuous, it’s nice finding a Kydex sheath it doesn’t feel bulky! It’s also ambi-friendly and clips onto the belt easily.

Overall, I’m really impressed with this blade and can’t wait to carry it! I’ve heard so many good things about the Original Nightstalker, so it was exciting to get my hands on this version.

80CRV2 Steel
.165 Thickness
60 HRC with Dual Temper and Deep Cryogenics
Nickle Boron T1C Plated with Recon Distressed finish (80+ HRC)
3.25 inches Blade Length
1.25 inches Blade Width
4.15 inches Ring Handle
7.75 inches OAL