Synopsis: The wuxia martial arts action movie “A Security of the Ming Dynasty 大明錦衣衛2” tells the story of Li Yi, whose wife was killed three years ago. He buried his name and secretly searched for the murderer. Unfortunately, there was no clue for three years. Three years later, Li Yi’s friend Zhou Xin finally helped him find the name of his wife’s murderer, but just as the two met, Zhou Xin was assassinated by a mysterious killer. Before dying, Zhou Xin handed Li Yi a box. Ji Gang, the commander of the Royal Guards, was the mastermind of the assassination. After learning that Li Yi had taken key evidence, he turned to catching Li Yi. On the other hand, Cao Jian, the Royal Guards’ Vice Commander, also targeted the number one suspect, Li Yi, while investigating the cause of Zhou Xin’s death. Standing on the cusp of the storm, Li Yi had to avoid Ji Gang’s chase and Cao Jian’s hunt while painstakingly searching for the murderer of his wife.

故事简介: 古装武侠动作电影《大明锦衣卫2 A Security of The Ming Dynasty》讲述三年前,李毅的妻子被人杀害后,他隐姓埋名追查凶手。但可惜,三年来始终毫无线索。三年后,李毅的好友周新终于帮他查到杀妻凶手的姓名,但就在两人见面时,周新却被神秘杀手暗杀。临死前,周新交给李毅一个盒子。 锦衣卫指挥使纪纲是这次暗杀的主谋,在他得知李毅拿走了关键证据后,转而追杀李毅。另一方面,锦衣卫同知(副指挥使)曹坚也在调查周新死因时将目标锁定在头号嫌疑人李毅身上。站在风口浪尖上的李毅只得一边躲避着纪纲的追杀和曹坚的追捕,一边费尽心血寻找杀妻凶手。

出品 Studio: 北京淘梦影业 Tmeng Pictures.
制片人 Produced by: 吴静 Wu Jing, 佑在 You Zai.
导演 Directed by: 薛文华 Xue Wenhua.
编剧 Screenplay by: 佑在 You Zai, 徐维壹 Xu Weiyi.
主演 Starring: 应昊茗 Ying Haoming, 修杰楷 Xiu Jiekai, 李炜 Li Wei, 南笙 Nan Sheng, 吴恙 Wu Yang.
题材 Genres: #动作 #Action #wuxia #武侠 #动作片 #actionmovies #动作电影 #actionfilm #martialarts

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