🎎 Festival of the Orient in Rome: the pavilions
πŸŽ‡ Let’s start from the basics: what to expect from this Rome meets the world and, I assume, from the Festival of the Orient which is now being offered throughout Italy?

There are six pavilions, as already mentioned above, but let’s see which ones:
πŸ“ East Festival Pavilion, which includes the Spirituality and Wellness area
πŸ”° Here you will find a photographic exhibition of Gandhi, the holistic room, the conference space (every day there are presentations and documentaries), the yoga and meditation space, ayurveda and massage courses. There is also a hall for Hindu culture.

πŸ“ Oriental Festival Pavilion with Sushi Village.
πŸ”° This pavilion is largely aimed at Japan enthusiasts: there are reconstructions of Japanese monuments; kimono (real and fake); manga gadget stands and exhibits. The Sushi village is the novelty of the last year: stands of sushi and sashimi, ramen, gyoza, beer and Japanese sweets, in short, stands of traditional Japanese dishes. But I’ll talk about this area in more detail later, because I have a few things to say.

πŸ“ Festival of the Orient Pavilion and Martial Arts Festival.
πŸ”° This pavilion has two exhibition stages on opposite sides of the building, a Tibetan cultural area and a Thai cultural area, and tatami areas where martial arts or self-defense lessons are given.

πŸ“ Irish Festival Pavilion.
πŸ”° Here we have: a reconstruction of Stonehenge (which is in England and not in Ireland, but let’s skip over it); the wild fat area, or the food area dedicated to Angus meat and hamburgers, mainly; the performance stage; four or five stands of gadgets inspired by Harry Potter and magic rather than Ireland.

πŸ“ Country Festival Pavilion and Native American Festival.
πŸ”° Here they placed a similar Indian camp, a country dance floor and a guy who sells Sicilian cannoli. Don’t ask me why the cannoli. I do not know.

πŸ“ That’s America Pavilion.
πŸ”° Here they are: an exhibition of big American cars and hippie vans; a wrestling area; a mechanical bull; sellers of leather nails (in the sense that they sell leather jackets, not nails for attaching pictures!) and a few dozen strobe lights here and there. In short, the American stereotype made into a pavilion.
In addition to the six pavilions already described, there are a bucket of outdoor areas with as many independent “festivals”, namely:

πŸ”Έ American Motor Village outdoor area + Stuntman Show + Wind Festival (in the sense that they race with cars and there is a hot air balloon)
πŸ”ΈLatin America Festival outdoor area
πŸ”ΈExternal area Greece, Sardinia and Spain; Festival Argentino and Tango (I haven’t understood Sardinia, but it must have crashed together with the cannoli guy)
πŸ”ΈHoli Festival and Cupid Festival
πŸ”ΈStreet artists area
πŸ”ΈExternal Area Africa and Brazil
πŸ”ΈOctober Festival, clearly inspired by Oktoberfest
πŸ”ΈOutdoor area One Thousand and One Nights
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