Basic club/bat defense. NOTE: Obviously fighting unarmed vs a weapon is a last resort option. Avoid the scenario, evade/escape, pull your own weapon/firearm, quickly finding a makeshift weapon, are all better options.

BUT if you look up and a man is swinging a weapon at you -and you have no time to get away, get a weapon etc. then what’s your plan to defend yourself?

We’ve had 4 students over the years who have had to defend against clubs/bats. All 4 of them were 100% successful.

You want to move inside the arc of the weapon. If you jam the weapon up, you won’t be on the receiving end of as much power.
It’s like in baseball where the pitcher throws the ball at the batters hands and jams them up inside. You can’t get much power on the ball.

We describe it as “move to the center of the hurricane”. Once you’re inside you can damage/disable the attacker.