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Can you use a modified gun in self defense? If you modify your gun and have to use it in self-defense, a prosecuting attorney could use those modifications against you in court. Watch and listen while U.S. Concealed Carry Association Director of Content Kevin Michalowski and Criminal defense Attorney Tom Grieve discuss the perception of gun mods as they apply to the legal system.

00:00 Introduction by Kevin Michalowski
00:29 Can you use a modified gun to defend yourself?
00:59 Illegal modifications are always a no-go.
01:21 Are modified triggers safe? Will they land you in jail?
02:38 An eager prosecutor will look for any reason to strengthen his or her case against you.
03:28 Kevin relates sage advice from Massad Ayoob regarding modified safeties.
04:47 Some prosecutors or law enforcement witnesses love to sensationalize your ammo choice in order to frighten a jury.
05:28 If you choose to modify your concealed carry gun, you open yourself up to scrutiny in court.
06:43 Cosmetic firearm modifications such as “funny” barrel inscriptions or Punisher skull logos may influence the court’s perception of your case.
07:51 In an actual case, it may just come down to dumb luck and good witnesses.
08:51 Watch what you post on social media or how you speak in public places.
10:06 Understand that there is a hierarchy of “OK” decisions to very, very poor ones.

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