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Can I shoot an attacker if they don’t have a weapon? As with most questions dealing with deadly force, there is no clear-cut answer on the question, “can you shoot even if the attacker doesn’t have a weapon”. In this video, U.S. Concealed Carry Association Director of Content Kevin Michalowski interviews criminal defense attorney Tom Grieve of Wisconsin-based Grieve Law, LLC. The two men discuss a recent incident where an unarmed man caused great bodily harm to a pair of homeowners in Chicago. Watch to learn what these experts think the couple could have done to protect themselves from a potentially lethal attack by an unarmed criminal. So if you’re asking, “Can I shoot even if the attacker doesn’t have a weapon?” then this video will clarify whether or not you’re justified in your actions.

Are You Justified in Shooting an Unarmed Attacker?

00:33 Can you legally shoot an unarmed attacker?
00:43 Kevin tells a harrowing true story of an unarmed attack in Chicago.
01:30 As a general principle, you have the right to use deadly force to stop a deadly threat.
01:44 But what constitutes an imminent deadly threat?
02:06 How do different states define a potential deadly threat?
02:28 What defines great bodily harm?
03:00 What are victim-subject factors (aka officer-subject factors)?
03:34 Why are so many self-defense laws purposely vague?
04:07 Why is it important to pursue training and education on local gun laws?
05:16 Why is it so difficult to determine proper self-defense response levels to a threat?
05:54 How can you steer clear of potential legal trouble following the use of force in self-defense?
06:48 How can you improve the narrative surrounding a self-defense incident if you find yourself in the legal system?

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