We’re used to prominent actors living long lives in the spotlight. Every once in awhile, an actor’s star will fade, but for the most part these are wealthy, well-taken-care-of people who live long, healthy lives. This is sadly not always the case. There are some high profile action stars who have had their lives cut short by illness or disaster, and we continue to remember them today, both for what they accomplished in their short lives and what they could’ve gone on to do. Some of these tragedies occurred years ago, while others have happened more recently. These are action movie stars who suffered the most tragic deaths.

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Bruce Lee | 0:00
Vic Morrow | 1:35
Chadwick Boseman | 2:51
Aaliyah | 4:23
Heath Ledger | 5:41
Wilt Chamberlain | 6:45
River Phoenix | 8:03
Brandon Lee | 9:23
Eric Fleming | 10:47
Irrfan Khan | 11:34
Rock Hudson | 12:34
Christopher Reeve | 13:37
Andre the Giant | 15:09
James Dean | 16:39

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