30 Beautiful Hollywood Actresses 80-90’s Then and Now 2020;
80-90’s Actresses Real Name and Age;
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80-90’s Actresses:
Sigourney Weaver
Sandra Bullock
Whoopi Goldberg
Charlize Theron
Kathleen Turner
Salma Hayek
Courteney Cox
Kelly McGillis
Angelina Jolie
Daryl Hannah
Amanda Bearse
Emmanuelle Béart
Julianne Moore
Isabelle Huppert
Uma Thurman
Emma Thompson
Kate Winslet
Tori Spelling
Miranda Richardson
Naomi Watts
Joan Allen
Meryl Streep
Nicole Kidman
Tilda Swinton
Glenn Close
Winona Ryder
Alyssa Milano
Sharon Stone
Catherine O’Hara
Jodie Foster
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80-90’s Hollywood Actresses and Their Shocking Look In 2020
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