As an ardent fan of martial arts movies, I love to discover new martial arts movies from around the world. The purpose of this video is to share some hidden gems that every martial arts movie fan should watch.
The movies mentioned in this video are recommended for their martial arts content and not necessarily the filmmaking aspects.
Also, I have only included films I have watched, and if any particular movie is missing from the list – either I didn’t see it or like it. Finally, the video doesn’t follow any ranking metrics.

Watch Unlucky Stars for Free:

music Sample: Fascination – Shine My Love (1984 Italo Funk)


00:00 Intro
00:16 Kampfansage
01:09 Merantau
02:00 Die Fighting
03:00 Redeemer
03:41 Fighter
04:33 The King of the Streets
05:12 The Rebel
06:01 Unlucky Stars
06:48 Once Upon A Time in Shanghai
07:32 Six String Samurai
08:42 Outro

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