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Title: The Human Comedy / 人间·喜剧

Married couple Pu Tong and Mi La are as ordinary as can be. When their employers default on their compensation, they are unable to pay rent. Yang Xiao Wei is a fuerdai “second-generation rich” who is unloved by his own father. Xiao Wei owes Ba Ye a substantial sum of money that he has no way of paying off.
When the three of them meet, they come up with a solution for their money problems. Pu Tong and Mi La will pretend to be kidnappers and use the world’s poorest fuerdai to ask for ransom money. Yang Xiao Wei’s wealthy grandpa Yang Tai Jun promises to fork over 10 million yuan, but things are not what they seem. With angry debtors at their trail, how will Pu Tong, Mi La, and Yang Xiaowei get themselves out of trouble?

Director: Sun Zhou
Duration : 90 min.
Debut: 2019
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Starring: Allen Ai, Wang Zhi, Lenox Lu, Simon Yam, Chin Shih Chieh, Zhou Xian Xin

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